Ski Racing

Ski Racing & Race Training Clinics

Bryce Resort boasts one of the largest ski teams, with over 60 racers, in the Southern Region. Children may start Race Training Clinics as young as six years of age.

Future Star Program

The Future Star Program is mainly for children 6-10 years old with an emphasis on developing a sound skiing and NASTAR racing technique. The morning and afternoon clinics will be fun and expose a good camaraderie among the kids. The different skill level classes will work on all aspects of skiing, mountain cruising, and recreational racing.

Ski Racing Team (USSA Competition Program)

The Ski Team Program is tailored for the skilled and aggressive juniors, starting at age of seven and older, who desire more extensive gate training, technical skiing drills and traveling to different ski resorts to compete in United States Ski Association (USSA) races. Please see The USSA competition in our region is organized by the Southern Alpine Race Association (SARA) The slalom races and giant slalom are held in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. We do expect that our racers will attend at least the races in Virginia. All ski racing days will count as sessions and a designated coach or coaches will be with the traveling Ski Team. Ski Team Racers who are not racing on a competition day, have the opportunity to train slalom or giant slalom with a Future Star coach.

Adult Racing Practice Sessions

By attending these practice sessions, you have the opportunity to lower your Nastar handicap during the season and create more confidence and finesse to tackle the USSA races. Challenge your adult friends and establish camaraderie throughout the winter at the clinics and USSA races. On weekend mornings, the USSA coaches will set training gates for the junior ski team and you will be able to use these gates for your own personal training as well. It will allow you to increase your racing mileage at your own pace. Just apply your own fitness and strength to set the frequency of your runs.


The National Standard Race offers recreational skiers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to test their skills against the national NASTAR pacesetter. Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded based on an individual’s time, as handicapped by age and gender. Don’t miss the opportunity to see your NASTAR results on the Internet at Nastar Races are held Saturday, Sunday and Holiday afternoons. Start times vary and registration is in the ski school and must be done prior to race start. Call 540-856-2121 ext. 229 for the latest information and current start time.

Bryce Resort Racing Event Schedule – 2017-18 Season Dates!

December 23 USSA GS Competition for all age groups
January 6 USSA GS Competition for all age groups
January 7 USSA SL Competition for all age groups
January 27 US Collegiate Giant Slalom
January 28 USCSA Collegiate Giant Slalom
February 3 USCSA Collegiate Dual Slalom & Rail Jam
February 4 USCSA Collegiate Slalom & Boardercross
February 19 Locher Dual Challenge
March 10 Bryce Fest & Pond Skimming

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