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Ziplining FunSoar high over the trees and slopes of Bryce Resort on our recently re-designed Bryce Resort Zipline Adventure. Criss-crossing the mountainside on 11 different lines, our Zipline Adventure cruises over chairlifts at over 90 feet off the ground. Try to enjoy the view as you fly by at almost 40 miles per hour.

Bryce Resort’s Zipline Adventure is uniquely different than other ziplines. It takes almost 2 hours to complete the entire guided tour of the mountain and includes a ride on the chair lift to get to the top of the mountain.



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$48 per person

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Group rates are available for $45 per person for groups of 15 or larger.  For more information about group rates, please click here!



Please keep in mind that the Zipline Adventure is first come, first served and your preferred time may be full.  We will attempt to provide you with the closest time available to your preferred time and notify you if your preferred time is no longer available.

Need more information, email us at zipline@bryceresort.com!

Frequently asked questions

Zipline Tours take between one hour and fifteen minutes to two hours depending on the group size.  Typical tour groups vary between eight and fifteen participants.  See information below for more important details before you book your exciting tour.

Ameilia Enjoyed The Zipline Tour at a Young 86 Years Old

Liability Waiver: Minors will need a parent signature on our liability waiver.  Click here to download a copy of the Zip Line Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement.

Check in Location: Ski School Office at the base of the ski slope

What to Wear and Bring Along: Closed toe footwear is required (sneakers or hiking boots). No sandals or flip flops will be permitted. Long hair must be tied back in a clip or pony tail to prevent interference with the equipment. Long pants or shorts just above the knee are preferable. T-shirt or collared shirt is recommended.

Strictly Enforced Weight Limits: 70 lbs. minimum and 230 lbs. maximum

Strictly Enforced Age Limits: Eight years old and up

Safety Information: This activity creates increased adrenaline and requires that the participant be in good physical health. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer whose physical condition does not meet these standards. We will provide you with Petzl harness equipment, a helmet, and gloves.  Your hands must be free. You cannot carry anything in your hands during the tour. Each tour will be guided by two trained resort guides.

For more information, feel free to e-mail us at zipline@bryceresort.com!